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Soccer Player in Action

The rate of youth sports injuries are on the rise. Athletes are specializing in sports earlier than ever and often use sport to improve fitness and prepare them for the competitive season. Most often, this is at a sacrifice from specific strength and conditioning programs aiming to address individual performance limitation. Unfortunately, this makes the athlete susceptible to preventable, season ending injuries such as knee ligament injuries most prevalently the ACL. The literature shows us that female athletes are 2-10x more likely to experience an ACL tear in athletic competition compared to their male counterparts. We also know that we can reduce the incidence of these injuries by 50% in male athletes and 60% in female athletes by determining performance limiters and addressing them with specific exercises that are individualized to them. 

The wearable DorsaVi sensors are validated to measure human movement. It is well documented that endurance, control and position of the trunk, hip and knee can expose the athlete to poor positions that can result in knee damage. By using this latest technology, we can precisely measure muscular endurance, limb speed, and limb control identifying performance limiters and risky positions. Using the information we can get from the sensors, we can immediately create an individualized program specific to the athlete designed to improve strength, control and endurance with real sport specific benefit and reduce the overall risk of injury. This can save thousands of dollars in medical bills, psychological stress of the athlete and family and at least a year of missed sport participation with a small investment in money and consistent performance of the exercises. Each test costs $75 and it comes with a custom exercise program tailored to the athlete. 

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