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WHY AR Physical Therapy?

Unlock the potential of your team with AR Physical Therapy! Our partnership program is tailor-made for sports organizations, coaches, and groups seeking top-tier physical and sports therapy services. We're all about boosting performance, accelerating recovery, and safeguarding against injuries.


Why AR Physical Therapy?

  • Expert Care: Our team is adept in the latest physical therapy techniques, ensuring your athletes receive the best care.

  • Customized Programs: From injury prevention to post-injury recovery, our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of your team.

  • Enhanced Performance: We focus on optimizing performance through targeted exercises, strengthening, and conditioning.


“Best of the best. Adam takes a really unique approach to physical therapy, and he gives you his best every day."

Leslie C.

"Adam is extremely knowledgeable and provides outstanding care to his patients."

Maddie N.

“In just a week and a half I have made a lot of progress. New equipment and uses new technology to aid in recovery.”

Is Physical Therapy Needed for Sports Teams & Organizations?


As a coach or sports organization leader, incorporating physical therapy into your team's regimen is a game-changer. Physical therapy goes beyond just injury recovery—it's about maximizing each athlete's potential. With personalized programs focusing on injury prevention, strength, and flexibility, your athletes can achieve peak performance. Moreover, having a dedicated physical therapy partner like AR Physical Therapy means you're equipped with the latest in sports science to keep your team healthy, resilient, and competitive at every level. Let's elevate your team together—reach out to explore how our expertise can integrate seamlessly with your goals.

Let’s Team Up!

Give us a call! No script is required to begin your journey to improved health.

Ready to Elevate Your Team's Performance?

Unlock the full potential of your athletes with AR Physical Therapy. By partnering with us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a team dedicated to ensuring your athletes achieve their highest performance levels and stay injury-free. Whether it’s enhancing recovery processes, improving physical conditioning, or implementing preventative strategies, we’re here to support your goals. Reach out today—let's discuss how our expert care can propel your team forward.


6499 E Seneca Turnpike,

Jamesville, NY 13078


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