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How to Get the Best Physical Therapy with Advanced Technology

At AR Physical Therapy, we're dedicated to raising the bar for rehabilitation care in Onondaga County by integrating state-of-the-art technology into our treatment plans. This commitment allows us to customize therapies to meet individual needs, ensuring you receive the most effective care possible.

How We Use The Latest Tech To Improve Your Outcome

We're not just another clinic; we're a step ahead in the rehabilitation landscape, right here in Syracuse and across Onondaga County. Let’s explore some of the cutting-edge technologies we use to tailor your treatment plan and help you recover smarter and faster.

  • Kinvent: Our Kinvent equipment is like having a high-tech partner in your recovery journey. It documents precise measurements and feedback, so every movement counts, helping you regain strength and mobility with accuracy. We utilize this technology to set strength and power benchmarks, to track your performance over time, so we can show you how you’re progressing. You can access this information on your cell phone, your laptop, or any other device so you can get live updates on your progress.

  • Keiser Strength Machines: Training at the speed of life. The Keiser Strength equipment allows you to move at any speed and in any direction, with the ability to change resistance up to 1/10th of a pound. We can highly customize the machine to your needs, to your life, to your progress. It’s also safer: There’s no inertia in the machine, meaning your joints don’t take unneeded stress. This allows you to train for power more efficiently with a reduced risk of injury.

  • dorsaVi: Think about it this way, this tool is all about measuring and changing what matters. Utilizing other tools and machines with dorsaVi, we can identify the key limitations of what is holding you back and measure it. This allows us to target and measure your improvement. Instead of guessing how your body moves we can actually study how your body moves and document this information. How do we do this? We use wearable sensors and biomechanical assessment tools for precise real-time tracking of your movements. This clinical-grade system delivers immediate and objective data that helps us, help you.

How Does AR Physical Therapy Use Technology to Help Patients?

Our approach is simple yet powerful: we use technology as a bridge to better outcomes. By leveraging advanced diagnostic tools, we gain a deeper understanding of your condition. This enables us to craft highly personalized treatment plans that address not just the symptoms but the root causes of your discomfort. Not one single treatment plan is truly identical as a result, because you deserve a fully customized experience based on what’s best for your body.

We Measure What Matters - We Change What Matters

At AR Physical Therapy, we believe that the start of any care is to understand your injury and have a proper diagnosis. The next step is to define your unique problem and figure out how we can use this information and how it defines your loading patterns and movement patterns. In other words: 

  • How does your pain respond to different movements? 

  • How does your condition respond to different loads?

  • How does this affect your life and goals? What is it preventing you from doing that you want to be able to do?

Our application of precise technologies, like 3D motion capture, ensures that each exercise and manual treatment is specifically targeted based on your individual needs, improving the accuracy of treatment. The introduction of engaging technologies such as force plates and Light Trainer Pods has transformed the rehabilitation process into a more interactive and engaging experience. Many of our exercises are interactive, engaging, and most importantly fun. Who doesn’t wasn’t want to see your power output improve on the Keiser machines?

How Do I Get the Best Results from My Physical Therapy?

Getting the best results from your physical therapy involves a few proactive steps on your part. It’s important to be open and communicative, sharing your open and honest feedback about the technology and exercises used during your sessions. We also want to hear your feedback about your program, not just how your body is responding to the treatment - but how you yourself are responding to the treatment! Do you like it? Is it engaging and fun? Do you feel the difference? 

This feedback is invaluable as it helps us fine-tune your treatment plan to better suit your needs. 

Consistency is also key; attending regular sessions and adhering to prescribed at-home exercises are crucial for effective recovery. Additionally, fully engaging with the technologies we provide can greatly accelerate your recovery process and improve your overall therapy experience. By taking these steps, you can maximize the benefits of your therapy sessions and move towards a quicker and more effective recovery.

The most important aspect of our approach to Physical Therapy is that we can provide you with a solid, data backed, discharge that confirms you’re ready to get back to your life, ideally stronger and more confident than when you started!


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